University Library

Book Donations for the University Library Bookshop

Do you have a campus office full to overflowing with books that you no longer use? Do you need to weed your collection of books at home? The university Library suggests that you donate these materials to the Used Bookshop in the Library--help the Library by helping yourself.


Leslie Jones @ 909-869-4212, can make arrangements with you to drop off material at the library. Materials not retained for the collection will be sold at the Library's bookshop, the proceeds of which will be used to purchase needed materials and help compensate for any library projects, programs and events that may occur.


Book donations to the Library will be acknowledged with a letter of thanks. The Library is not permitted to offer an evaluation of the gift for income tax purposes. However, the donor may estimate the fair market value of the gift for his or her tax return. Keep a record of your gift and contact your tax consultant for further information.