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Library Instruction and Information Literacy

The University Library's Instruction Program consists of a team of library faculty and staff with teaching expertise who not only help students learn how to navigate the University Library’s physical and virtual spaces but also collaborate with classroom faculty to foster students’ information literacy competencies.

Information literacy—the ability to determine when, why, and what information is needed and then to find, evaluate, and use information effectively and ethically to solve problems, make decisions, and communicate with others—is more than just knowing how to use the library. Rather, it is a critical 21st century skill-set that provides a foundation for both academic success and life-long learning. As such, Cal Poly Pomona librarians are committed to participating in a collaborative, campus-wide effort to help students become information literate.

Our active Library Instruction and Information Literacy Program includes the following instructional services:

  • Face-to-Face Instruction - In order to enhance student learning, librarians design face-to-face instruction sessions that are tailored to specific courses and research assignments. Faculty can contact their subject librarian to schedule instruction in our computer-equipped instructional facilities, or they can request that librarians come to their classrooms.
  • Online Learning Modules - To meet the learning needs of students 24/7, the library provides self-paced online tutorials and guides, including interactive, how-to screencasts that faculty can link to from their webpages or from Blackboard. Many of our tutorials contain quizzes and certificates of completion, making it easy to incorporate them into your classes as homework assignments, as extra credit, or as part of students' class participation grade.
  • Librarian/ Faculty Collaborations - Librarians are available to work with faculty on teaching and learning projects, such as:
  • designing or revising library research assignments to ensure that they are up-to-date and aligned with current library resources.
  • constructing guides and tutorials to meet the research needs of your students.
  • integrating instruction in research skills and other information literacy competencies into courses and programs.
  • assessing student learning of information literacy skills.
  • Online Video Conferencing - Live online instruction via video conferencing is available for some online and hybrid courses. Please contact Library Reference Department for details and availability.

To learn more about our instruction program, read our Mission and Values statement.

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Information Literacy

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