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Open Access is Global Access

This week's tip  promotes Open Access (free, immediate, online availability) of scholarly articles and research.

Open Access is a movement to make research results freely available online to the whole research community.  It finds its heritage in the long-established Western scientific practices of open science and the benefits of the free flow and exchange of ideas necessary to advance scholarship. Open Access seeks to eliminate financial, legal, and technical barriers for users to access research.  This means no-cost access to articles and sometimes also the rights to copy, distribute, reuse, or remix the information.

For more information on Open Access visit CPP's Open Access LibGuide for the video and other resources.

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How can I find Open Access journals?

Some good places to start are the Directory of Open Access Journals and the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association. You can also use JournalGuide and choose the “Has open access options” checkbox. Publisher websites will also often list any open access options available.

Open Access Directory (OAD)

This site provides a list or resources about open access in one place. OAD is hosted by the School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College.