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Welcome to the Library "Tip of the Week" page. The purpose of this service is to share helpful tips about the library, research, or just information in general.

This week's tip, "Research Help for your CLASS or MAJOR", reveals various links and resources for you to get research help for a specific class assignment and for doing research in your major.

We have prepared over 300 online guides to assist you with your research needs 24/7. From the Library Homepage, click on Research Guides under "Featured Links":

The top of the Research Guides page displays a search box (see below) where you can look for a specific guide by class number (e.g., PLS 101) or your major (e.g., "Political Science").

research guides search box

To search by subject choose from the Subjects listing below the search box. You can also simply click Browse All Guides to view an alphabetical list of all our Research Guides available online.

To the right you will find a featured librarian – with the librarian’s contact information provided. Above this information appears a box titled Receive Email Updates. Use this to register your interest for future guides or research help.

Additional Guides:

To contact or identify the librarian for your major, visit the subject librarians'page.

Here are some other useful tips: