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Robert E. Kennedy (President - Cal Poly 1968-1979)

Robert E. Kennedy occupied what undoubtedly was the widest assortment of posts ever recorded at Cal Poly. He is generally credited with having been longer and more closely involved with Julian McPhee's operations and institutional dreams than any other single individual.

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Part 1: Early days working under Julian McPhee, and the development of the Voorhis property under Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's administration.(1Hr 46 mins)
Part 2: Continuation of the development of Voorhis campus, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's acquisition and administration of the Kellogg campus. (58 mins)
  Interviewed by Kenneth H. Kitch on August 1, 1972
Until 1966, this University was a branch of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. 
Robert E. Kennedy (President - Cal Poly, 1968-1979)