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The Kennedy Collection

 John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy

Collection Origins:

The collection was created by Father David Clark, uncle to George Riggle of Claremont, who chose to donate the collection to California State Polytechnic University in 2006.

Collection Description:

The collection is predominately made up of numerous newspaper articles, magazines, certificates, and more, eulogizing the years of the John F. Kennedy Presidential administration. Included are items that precede Kennedy’s election and items referring to his assassination and the aftermath.

This collection is not made up of a comprehensive compilation of objective and accurate documents about the events in the 1960s, but rather is a collection dealing with President Kennedy and his family. The collection contains popular media published immediately after the assassination (November 22, 1963) and thus presents a striking sense of the nation’s anguish at the very moment of the tragedy. Students viewing these contemporary documents can gain a deeper understanding of that agony. The documents additionally underscore the rapid process by which Kennedy and his family rose to a position of public adulation.

There is little in the collection that deals with foibles of the Kennedy family or questionable policies of President Kennedy. The material thus would be most useful in studies of how Americans memorialize, even to the point of myth, political figures. This has been done in the past with such iconic figures as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

The collection also has significance for providing general information regarding the national grieving process at a given moment in American history as well as offering contemporary, if partial, insight into the politics, culture, social norms, and media techniques of the late 1950s through the 1960s.


2 Boxes; 2 Bound Books

Physical Location:

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona: University Library Special Collections, Bldg 15, room 4434

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