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The Voorhis Connection

Jerry Voorhis Ecological Reserve

University President Hugh La Bounty presided over ceremonies on June 29, 1983, formally dedicating the Jerry Voorhis Ecological Reserve, a 20-acre primitive area leading into an area locally known on the university campus as Box Canyon. The gateway to the reserve is located off Mansion Drive, behind the Building 1 parking lot. The area is to remain an untouched natural resource and is available to students as an enduring laboratory for the study of flora and fauna as well as providing a beautiful outdoor area for all who choose to explore it.

During the ceremony, Voorhis expressed his appreciation for the recognition through a living memorial by saying, "Nature is a great joy to me, especially California chaparral, and its preservation very meaningful as is the importance of our preservation of this planet. That a piece of ground, preserved in its natural state, is associated with my name is a symbol of much that is important in my life and does me great honor."

    Entrance to Voorhis Ecological Reserve     another view of the entrance to the reserve     
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