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The Voorhis Connection

The Voorhis name goes back to the earliest days of Cal Poly Pomona. In 1927, Charles Voorhis purchased 150 acres of land near San Dimas, California to build a school and living quarters for deserving and underprivileged boys. His son, H. Jerry Voorhis, served as headmaster of the Voorhis School for Boys from 1928 to 1938. After Jerry Voorhis was elected to Congress, the school was donated to be the site of the Southern California campus of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Although the student body outgrew the San Dimas facility, eventually moving to the nearby Kellogg Ranch location, the Voorhis family continued to keep in close touch with the campus. They are considered among the founders of what eventually became Cal Poly Pomona.

Photo from the H. Jerry Voorhis papers, used courtesy of Special Collections, Honnold/Mudd Library, The Claremont Colleges

jerry voorhis 1935

H. Jerry Voorhis, ca 1935.

Charles Voorhis

Charles Voorhis