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Voorhis Park

Voorhis Park Sign
View of Voorhis Park from the parking structure
One of the plaques on Voorhis Rock   Voorhis Rock
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The triangular piece of land across the street to the southeast of the CLA building (98) was first established as Voorhis Park at a ceremony on Founders' Day 1997. "Voorhis Rock" was transported to the Pomona campus and repositioned in the center of the park. The boulder was originally located at the former Voorhis campus in San Dimas and bore the dedication plaque from 1950 commemorating the 1938 gift of the Voorhis School for Boys to Cal Poly for use as its southern branch. Cal Poly (Voorhis) alumni were students at the Voorhis campus from 1938 to 1956. Due to severe overcrowding at the San Dimas campus, classes were then moved to the current campus site, formerly property of the Kellogg Ranch.

The original Voorhis campus was situated on 150 acres of oak-dotted hills and mesa. As a symbol of that original setting, Cal Poly (Voorhis) alumnus Stuart Sperber donated a large oak tree appearing in the center of the park. During the 1997 ceremony, Voorhis alumni were invited to add spades of soil brought over from the old Voorhis campus. The park was formally dedicated on Founders' Day 1998 after being further developed with signage, paths, flower beds and more oak trees. The Voorhis Park Committee hopes to raise money to add more enhancements to the site.