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Joining & Cocooning

The SLO float half is brought down to Pomona on Thanksgiving weekend. The float transportation from SLO starts at about 6:30 a.m. (via freeway routes 101 to 134 to 210 to 57) depending on visibility. The truck driver must be able to see 1,000 feet and the trip is sometimes slightly delayed due to fog.

Once the northern float has arrived on the Pomona campus, the two halves are joined and the cocooning step begins. Cocooning is a sticky latex material used to fill in the screening holes. Since the cocooning is a hazardous process, only a few people wearing safety gear are involved in the application. In years past, paper mache or Plaster of Paris were used instead of the latex. After the cocooning application, the true float shape is seen for the first time. The cocooning changes it from a see-through structure to a solid work of art