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Float Awards

List of awards won by Cal Poly Universities

Follow the links to list the banner winning floats in each category. 

Fantasy Trophy --- Most Outstanding Display of Fantasy & Imagination
Theme Prize --- Most fitting presentation of theme
Humor Trophy --- Best display of Humor
Mayor's Trophy --- Best Display of Originality
Founder's Trophy --- Most out-standing self-decorated entry.
Princess Award --- Best Display of Animation until 1984
Judges' Special --- Best Display of Humor
Award of Merit --- Depicting the highest level of Merit
1st Class H --- 1st Place - Educational division
2nd Class H --- 2nd Place - Educational division
3rd Class H --- 3rd Place - Educational division
4th Class H --- 4th Place - Educational division

Banner Trophies awarded to Cal Poly Universities

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2011 Galactic Expedition Fantasy Trophy & Viewers' Choice Award
2010 Jungle Cuts Humor Trophy & Viewers' Choice Award
2009 Seaside Amusment Viewers' Choice Award
2008 Guardians of Harmony Fantasy Trophy
2007 Arctic Antics -
2006 Enchanted Reverie -
2005 Elefun Time -
2004 Bob's Barnacle Band Founder's Trophy
2003 A Sundae Afternoon Theme Prize
2002 Birthday Blowout -
2001 A Grizzly Adventure Founder's Trophy
2000 Stolen Time Humor Trophy
1999 Surfin' the Net -
1998 Countryside Joyride Founder's Trophy
1997 Catch of the Day Founder's Trophy
1996 Thumbs Up -
1995 Bending The Rules -
1994 A Novel Adventure -
1993 Hare Raising Fun -
1992 Squeaking By -
1991 Tickle Attack Humor Trophy
1990 Sound Waves -
1989 Paradin' Around -
1988 Imagine That... Founder's Trophy
1987 Breaking The Ice -
1986 Bubble Trouble Founder's Trophy
1985 Only in America -
1984 A Knight To Remember -
1983 While The Cat's At Play Prncess Award
1982 Way-Out Welcome Princess Award
1981 Snow Poke 1st Class H
1980 Hard Rock Founder's Trophy
1979 Cub 'O War Princess Award
1978 Grin And Bear It 1st Class H
1977 Tons Of Fun Princess Award
1976 High Hopes Founder's Trophy
1975 Building A Better Mousetrap Princess Award
1974 Happiness Is Finding A Friend Theme Prize
1973 Monster Matinee 1st Class H
1972 Swamp Rhythm Mayor's Trophy
1971 Once Upon A Dream Judges' Special
1970 That First Day Of Spring Princess Award
1969 The Good Ole Days Princess Award
1968 The Mouse That Got Away Princess Award
1967 A Child's Fantasy Mayor's Trophy
1966 It's A Child's World Judges' Special
1965 Good News Travels Fast 1st Class H
1964 Cutting The Apron Strings 1st Class H
1963 A Young Man's Fancy 1st Class H
1962 Man On The Moon 1st Class H
1961 Slow Boat To China 1st Class H
1960 Special Delivery 1st Class H
1959 St. George And The Dragon Theme Prize
1958 Summer Daze 2nd Class H
1957 Which Was First? The Chicken or the Egg? Theme Prize
1956 Steps To Peace 1st Class H
1955 The Sky's The Limit 2nd Class H
1954 Gulliver's Travels 1st Class H
1953 Mission Bells 3rd Class H
1952 A Free World Through Education 1st Class H
1951 College Barn Dance 1st Class H
1950 New Frontiers 3rd Class H
1949 Childhood Memories Award of Merit