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Life Visits the Voorhis Unit: Yearbooks 1938-1948

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1938 - 1939  
  Jerry and 
Charles Voorhis
  Jerry and Charles Voorhis
  C. Weir Fetters; the Faculty   C. Weir Fetters and the Faculty
1946 - 1947  
  Harold O. Wilson;  Faculty
A - B
  Harold O. Wilson;  Faculty A-B
B - R
  Faculty B - R
  Sheldon Kempton; Grounds and Maint. Crews   Sheldon Kempton; Grounds and Maintenance Crews
  SLO Campus; Julian McPhee; San Dimas Campus   Slo Campus, Julian McPhee, San Dimas Campus
1947 - 1948  
  Julian McPhee;  Harold O. Wilson   Julian McPhee and Harold O. Wilson
  Faculty A
B - L
  Faculty B - L
L - W
  Faculty L - W
  Grounds and Maint. Crews   Grounds and Maintenance Crews
  Student Store; Office Staff   Student Store; Office Staff
  Library   Library