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Honorable Mentions, 2016-2017


Campus affiliated authors who have written a chapter or an essay within a larger published book.


Griswold, Olga (Associate Professor, English & Foreign Languages Department) Authored chapter, “Language and Body in Concert: A Multimodal Analysis of Teacher Feedback in an Adult Citizenship Classroom” in: Language, Immigration and Naturalization: Legal and Linguistic Issues. Loring, Ariel and Ramanathan, Vaidehi (editors). Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters. 2016.

Wang, Y

Lam, Kai S. (Professor Emeritus, Physics and Astronomy Department) "Inspired by Fang Lizhi: Some Thoughts on the Entanglements between Social and Scientific Progress" (in English and in Chinese translation), in Fang Lizhi in the Humanities: A Memorial Collection I. p261-279. Hong Kong: MirrorBooks 2016.

Quinn D

Quinn, Dennis P. (Interim Associate Dean, Interdisciplinary General Education Department) Authored chapter, “The Enemies of God: Demons and the Persecuting Emperors in Lactanius” in: Suffering and Evil in Early Christian Thought.  Harrison, Nonna Verna and Hunter, David G. (editors). Ada: MI: Baker Academic Publishing. 2016.

Wallis, E

Wallis, Eileen V. (Professor, History) Authored chapter, “Something Fearful and Wonderful”: Immigrant Children, Americanization, and Public Education in Los Angeles 1900-1929” in: Immigrants in the Far West: Historical Identities and Experiences. Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah Press. 2015.

Yang W

Yang, Wan (Assistant Professor, Collins College of Hospitality Management) Authored chapter, “Chinese Outbound Tourists’ Luxury Consumption” in: Chinese Outbound Tourism 2.0 (Advances in Hospitality and Tourism). Li, Xiang (Robert) (editor). Waretown, New Jersey: Apple Academic Press. 2016.