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Southern California Wine and Wine Industry Collection

Cal Poly Pomona is located in an historic winemaking region. Nearby Mission San Gabriel was an active early center for winemaking in California. Later the Cucamonga Valley flourished, and more recently the Santa Barbara and Temecula areas have become recognized for their wine production. The Southern California Wine and Wine Industry Collection collects, organizes, preserves, and makes available archival materials documenting this rich history. Learn more about the history of Southern California Wine and resources.

Robert Lawrence Balzer Papers

Robert Lawrence Balzer was a wine writer, wine educator, and restaurateur. The collection contains correspondence, photographs, writing drafts, news clippings, awards and certificates, artwork, and assorted materials relating to wine. There are also documents focusing on the country of Cambodia and Balzer's study of Buddhism.

Black Eagle Wines Collection

Black Eagle Wines was started by the United Farm Workers in 2008. The collection contains wine bottles, wine glasses, and informational materials about the wine operation. 

Cucamonga Winery Collection

The Cucamonga Winery was a winery in Cucamonga, California - a community that became part of Rancho Cucamonga in 1977. The winery operated from 1933 until 1975, although the winery partnered with another winery in Elk Grove, California and continued to sell wine under the Cucamonga Winery label until 1983. The collection contains photographs, pamphlets, original and photocopies of wine labels, photocopies of trademark records, and other materials related to the Cucamonga Winery.

Donald Galleano Collection

The collection contains pamphlets, clippings, wine labels, and other materials from the Galleano Winery in Mira Loma, California. There are also materials relating to other historic wineries in the area, including the Italian Vineyard Company in Guasti and the Cucamonga Winery in Cucamonga.

William F. Heintz Papers

The collection contains correspondence, clippings, photographs, oral history audiotapes and transcripts, and other research materials accumulated by author and wine historian William F. Heintz. The materials focus on the history of wine and wineries in Southern California, particularly in the areas of Temecula and Rancho Cucamonga.

Joseph Filippi Winery Collection

The materials in this collection focus on the Joseph Filippi Winery, a Southern California winery that started in 1934 and currently operates out of Rancho Cucamonga, California. The collection contains clippings; wine columns that former winery co-owner Gino Filippi wrote for the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin; wine bottles and labels; and a drawing of the Thomas Vineyards building in Rancho Cucamonga, which was once owned by the Filippis. The collection also contains materials related to the Chaffey Community Art Association and Museum of Art, which used to be located in the Joseph Fillipi Winery.

Vick Knight Jr. Papers

Vick Knight Jr. was an educator and author whose writings about wine focused on the Temecula wine region. The collection includes copies of his wine columns for the Riverside Press Enterprise and recordings of his television show Knight at Large. There are also materials he accumulated about the wine industry including wine labels, pamphlets, and other informational material about wineries in the region.

Los Angeles County Fair Wine of the Americas Collection

The collection contains materials relating to the Los Angeles County Fair wine judging competition, including informational packets, books that list the award-winning wines, a bottle of award-winning wine, wine glasses, and prize ribbons.

Louis Cherpin Winery Collection

The collection contains photographs, wine labels, and ephemera from the Louis Cherpin Winery, which operated from 1934 to 1980 in Fontana, California. There are also photographs of Louis Cherpin and his family members.

Pauley Family Collection

The Pauley family is known for its ties to the oil business and the University of California, Los Angeles. The family also has a decades-long involvement with plans to redevelop the site of the historic winery in Guasti, California and the surrounding area near the Ontario International Airport. Clarke Pauley, grandson of oil magnate Edwin W. Pauley, served as general manager for Guasti Plaza, managing operations of tenants in converted buildings at the site. Guasti Plaza was also the name of the redevelopment effort that Clarke Pauley oversaw at the site. The collection contains photograph albums, brochures, clippings, business records from Guasti Plaza; and historic wine ephemera and digitized pamphlets and photographs from the Italian Vineyard Company. There are also photographs and audio recordings of Edwin W. Pauley and other members of the Pauley family.

Thomas Pinney Papers

Thomas Pinney is the author of several books on wine history including a two-volume set on the history of wine in the United States. The collection includes research materials for Pinney's books, wine subject files, information on wineries, publications and reports, wine newsletters, photographs, postcards, wine labels, and other wine-related ephemera.

Rancho Cucamonga Grape Harvest Festival Collection

The collection contains memorabilia from the Rancho Cucamonga Grape Harvest Festival, an event that started in 1939 and was billed as "California's Oldest Grape Harvest Festival." The festival was originally scheduled to coincide with the beginning of the grape harvest in the fall and it also promoted local wineries. The most recent harvest festival was in 2017. Materials include festival passes, badges, pins, and tickets; photocopies of early festival programs; and photocopies of clippings about the event.

Romolo Winery Collection

The Romolo Winery was a winery that operated from 1934 until 1972 in Cucamonga, California. The collection contains photographs of the Romolo Winery and the Romolo family home; Romolo Winery labels; photocopies of records, including an alcoholic beverage license; and winery ephemera, including a business receipt.

Southern California Wine and Wine Industy Ephemera Collection

The collection contains pamphlets about wineries and wine regions in Southern California and Mexico; wine groups; and wine activities; wine lists from restaurants; postcards about wineries, vineyards, and grapevines; clippings about wineries and letterheads from wineries; advertisements for historic wineries in Southern California; and posters of wineries and California wine regions.

Southern California Wine and Wine Industy Grape Crate Labels Collection

The collection contains illustrated and photographic labels that grape growers and distributors would attach to crates to promote their products, along with several of the labels still attached to the wooden crate ends. The labels included in the collection are from wine and table grape growers and distributors primarily from around California and also from New York and New Mexico.

Southern California Wine and Wine Industry Label and Bottle Collection 

The collection contains wine labels and wine bottles from various wineries, including historic wineries in Southern California; wine corks; a wooden wine box with a bottle; and a ceramic wine bottle with a figurine. Some of the bottles have original tax stamps on them.

Southern California Wine and Wine Industy Oral History Collection

The collection includes oral history interviews conducted by Cal Poly Pomona Special Collections and Archives, the City of Rancho Cucamonga, the Upland Public Library, and the Temecula Valley Museum. The interviewees discuss various topics related to Southern California wine history including agriculture, viticulture, local wineries, and agricultural labor.

Southern California Wine and Wine Industry Photograph Collection

The collection contains photographic prints and negatives - both original and reproduced - of current and former wineries and winemakers in Southern California; and photographs, stereographs, and lantern slides of Guasti, a Southern California community that was home to several historic wineries, including the Italian Vineyard Company, which was in operation until 1945.

Southern California Wine and Wine Industry Realia Collection

The collection contains wine glasses; medals and ribbons from wine competitions and wine events; souvenirs and t-shirts from wineries; and corks, wine tax stamps, and other assorted wine-related realia.

David Streeter Wine Ephemera Collection

David Streeter was a special collections librarian at the Pomona Public Library. His collection contains wine pamphlets, booklets, and newsletters from California wineries, including some historic wineries in Southern California. There are also wine glasses and bottles from wineries and wine festivals.

Gail G. Unzelman Collection of Historic Winery Photographs, Stationery, and Postcards

The collection contains postcards, photographs, correspondence, wine labels, clippings, brochures, booklets, ephemera, and realia collected by wine author and publisher Gail G. Unzelman. The material relates to wineries, figures in the wine industry, wine regions, and wine sellers in California.

The World Menu Collection

This collection of menus comes from around the world and a wide variety of restaurants, from three stars restaurants in Paris, France to more humble corner restaurants in the United States. The menus were collected during the world travels of Ken Bennett and Richard Wagner from 1979-1984.

Wine Society of Riverside Records

The Wine Society of Riverside was formed in 1983 and hosted monthly wine tastings. The collection contains newsletters, tasting announcements, and informational material about wine.