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Highlights from Cal Poly Pomona History
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550 students and 30 faculty moved from the original Voorhis Unit to the present campus. The name of the college became California State Polytechnic College, Kellogg-Voorhis. The Science building(3) was the first building on the Pomona campus. It housed the college administrative offices, classrooms, the library and the bookstore. The Voorhis campus was used for continuing education programs until 1971 when Kellogg West(77) was built (additions were built at Kellogg West in 1978 and 1979).


In February the first female faculty member, Dorothy McNeill (later Dorothy Tucker), was hired at Cal Poly Pomona. Later in the year Gertrude Boland and Virginia Adair also joined the faculty.


The first graduating class at Cal Poly Pomona consisted of 57 agricultural majors. Before 1957 students spent their senior year at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and were graduated from that campus. Diplomas were presented in a ceremony held in the Rose Garden.


This was an active year for building construction. The following buildings were completed: College of Arts(5), College of Engineering(9), CE,IME,ME Engineering(11), Engineering Laboratories(12), College of Business Administration(6), Health Services(46), and Physical Education(41).


The Library was moved from the Science building(3) to the School of Arts building(5).


The block letters "CP" were placed on Colt Hill by the Poly Service Club (Phi Sigma Chi).

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