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Highlights from Cal Poly Pomona History
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Women were enrolled for the first time when 329 women joined the student body of 2,436 men in the fall quarter. Construction began on the Administration Building (1). Students moved into Encinitas (20), Monticito (21), Alamitos (22) and Aliso (23) residence halls.


The Cal Poly Pomona chorus and band made their first phonograph record, "The Sound of Music," which featured 12 songs.


The Agriculture Classroom(2) and the Music(24), Drama/Theatre(25) buildings were constructed.


Scenes for the film "The Sandpiper" starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were shot on the Voorhis campus.


Two buildings were completed: Manufacturing Engineering(10) and ARO/CME/IME Engineering(13).


The use of reclaimed water for campus irrigation began. By 1990 almost 95% of the campus was irrigated by using reclaimed water to grow tree fruits, vegetables, grains, ornamental plants, and for livestock watering.


The California Legislature established California State Polytechnic College, Kellogg-Voorhis as an independent college. It became the 16th college in the California State College system. In 1972 the system became The California State University and Colleges, and in 1982 it became The California State University.


1967(May 1)
The 100,000 square foot, $3 million Gymnasium(43) was dedicated.


1967(October 24)
Inauguration of Dr. Robert C. Kramer as President of Cal Poly, Pomona. Dr. Kramer served as President until 1977.


The Library building(15) was completed; students, faculty and staff worked together to move books and periodicals from the School of Arts building(5) to the new library which opened January 2, 1969.


Palmitas Hall(57), Cedritos Hall(58) and the La Cienega Center(59) were opened.

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