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Graduation Writing Test (GWT)

All Cal Poly Pomona students must pass the GWT in order to graduate. Students are eligible to take the test when they reach junior status (90 quarter-units completed), and are required to register by the quarter following completion of 120 quarter-units.

The LRC University Writing Center offers helpful tips, study skills handouts, and practice essay prompts for students preparing for the GWT.

Fulfilling the GWT Requirement

There are three possible ways to satisfy the GWT requirement:

  • Take and pass the GWT with a score of 7 or better. See the Test Center for registration and test scoring info.
  • Take and pass CPU 401.
  • In some extreme circumstances, a waiver may be approved. Please see a GWT consultant for more information and Academic Programs for deadlines.

How to Prepare for the GWT

The LRC offers free tutoring and workshops for all students preparing for the GWT. In addition, the following materials are available for students to work independently in preparation for the GWT.

  • In the weeks prior to the test, compose practice essays on GWT Practice Topics by giving yourself 75 minutes and writing on the topic, just as if you were taking the exam.
  • Make an appointment with an LRC GWT consultant or writing tutor to go over your practice essay(s) or previous GWT exams.
  • Attend GWT and Grammar Workshops offered by the LRC.
  • Participate in the LRC's quarterly Mock GWT to see if you are ready. 
  • Follow helpful tips (DOCX) when you are ready to take the test.
  • Utilize the LRC's Study Skills for Writing.