GWT Practice Topics

  • Select a topic from the list below, read it a few times and note what the prompt requires you to do. Make sure you complete all the tasks of the assignment.
  • You have one hour and 15 minutes to write on the essay topic. Take a few minutes to plan and organize your essay before you begin to write. Scratching outlines, brainstorming, or clustering are often quite helpful. In this short time, however, you will probably not have time to write a rough draft and then recopy it.
  • Try to think of specific evidence and concrete examples to support or illustrate your general points.
  • Allow yourself enough time after writing to go back over your essay, proofread for errors and omissions, and make the necessary corrections.
  • The essay topic is designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to write clearly and effectively. Perfection is not expected, but you should try to produce the best essay possible in the time allotted.

Note: After you have finished your practice essay, you may want to make an appointment with a Writing Center tutor to go over your paper. The best way to learn to improve your writing skills is to practice, get feedback, develop a revision plan, and re-write your essay.

  1. Back to the Good Old Days (PDF)
  2. Do Men Listen with Half a Brain? (PDF)
  3. English Only (PDF)
  4. Freedom of Speech (PDF)
  5. Does the Law Protect the Weak? (PDF)
  6. Are Video Games Dangerous? (PDF)
  7. Portable Electronic Communications (PDF)
  8. Preserving the Past (PDF)