Dr. Laurie S. Starkey

E-Mail: lsstarkey@cpp.edu and Discord server
Google Voice: 714.855.1702
Fax: 909.869.4344
Office: Building 4, Room 1-428
Mail: Cal Poly Pomona, Chemistry & Biochemistry Dept.
3801 W. Temple Avenue, Pomona CA 91768

Professor, teaching Organic Chemistry lecture and laboratory classes.
In addition to authoring an introductory organic synthesis textbook (2nd edition). I have developed online lab animations & tutorials, Blackboard online prelab quizzes, organic chemistry "clicker" questions (zip files), and online organic chemistry lectures for Educator.com. As you can probably tell, I am a strong proponent for using technology to support student success, and I have created a repository of active learning resources for Organic Chemistry, called LOCAL. I served as a peer reviewer for MERLOT, and I enjoy giving chemistry career presentations. Please visit my YouTube channel ChemistryConnected, see my OrganicERS spotlight, and visit my collection of Video creation & Teaching resources and COVID-19 RESOURCES

Course Materials

  • Spring 2021 - remote instruction (use Course Homepages links below to see sample syllabi for other courses)
  • Course Homepages: Organic Labs | Spectroscopy (IR/NMR) | CHM 201 | CHM 3140 | CHM 3150 | CHM 4220 | CHM 424

  • Handouts: NMR, IR, Mass Spec handouts | Organic Chemistry: What to Expect | Functional Group Summary | Organic Synthesis handouts

  • Resources for Students & Faculty: