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File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0

Terri Amborn and her field assistants (Crimson Rosellas) using differential GPS to survey marine terrace elevations along the Waratah fault, Cape Liptrap, Victoria, Australia, Keck Geology Consortium Undergraduate Research Project (2002).

Eli LaFromboise [L] and John Utick [R] with Dr. Marino Protti and Dr. Jeff Marshall at the Observatorio Volcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica (OVSICORI-UNA), Universidad Nacional, Heredia (2005).  Eli is holding a DEM image of the Costa Rican convergent plate margin.  John and Eli’s research projects examine the neotectonics of the Nicoya Peninsula (center of image), an emergent segment of the Middle America fore arc subject to rapid uplift and large subduction earthquakes (>M7.5).

Allison Ruotolo recording field observations for her research project on mountain front faulting and uplifted alluvial gravel deposits in the San Dimas and Marshall Canyon areas, San Gabriel Mountain foothills, Los Angeles County, California (2007).


My undergraduate research students and their projects:

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Cal Poly Pomona University


Senior Thesis Title & Awards


Shawn Morrish


Tectonic geomorphology and paleo-river terraces of the Río Ora Valley, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica


Reynicole Gilbert


Variations in tectonic uplift patterns based on stream length gradient indices, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica


Peter Piestrzeniewicz


Digital terrain analysis of an active tectonic landscape using ArcGIS, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica


Rob Ellis


Tectonic geomorphology of mountain front alluvial fans with implications for basinward fault propagation, San Antonio Canyon area, San Gabriel Mountains, southern California




Margaret Van Buskirk Scholarship, Ernest Prete, Jr. Scholarship, and Inland Empire AEG Scholarship


Allison Ruotolo


Quaternary alluvial fan deposition and active faulting along the San Gabriel Mountain front, San Dimas and Marshall Canyons, Los Angeles County, California




Margaret Van Buskirk Scholarship, and Inland Empire AEG Scholarship


John Utick


Geomorphology, petrology, and provenance of Holocene beach sands, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica




Puente Hills Gem & Mineral Society Scholarship


Eli LaFromboise


Variations in subduction related coastal uplift along the Nicoya Peninsula seismic gap, Costa Rica




Ernest Prete, Jr. Scholarship


Lauren Annis


Age correlation of uplifted Quaternary marine terraces, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica


Fookgiin Khaw


Coastal tectonics and marine terraces, Northern Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica




Margaret Van Buskirk Scholarship


Chris Horsley


Hydrogeology of the Chino Basin Aquifer, Southern California




Ernest Prete, Jr. Scholarship


Terri Amborn


Evidence for active tectonics along the Australian passive margin: Quaternary marine terraces of Waratah Bay, Victoria  (Keck Geology Consortium Undergraduate Research Project)




Margaret Van Buskirk Scholarship

Franklin & Marshall College


Senior Thesis Title & Awards


Aubree Gallaher


The effects of urban growth on a barrier island beach, Ocean City, Maryland


Karyn Novakowski


Barrier island accretion and geomorphic evolution of Keewaydin Island, Collier County, Florida  (Keck Geology Consortium Undergraduate Research Project)


Bhavani Bee


Rapid Quaternary uplift of marine terraces: Cabo Blanco to Montezuma, Península de Nicoya, Costa Rica  (Keck Geology Consortium Undergraduate Research Project)


Lauren Brown


Environmental and cultural impacts of eco-tourism in Costa Rica, Central America: A case study at Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve




John Marshall Honors Scholarship