ECE 2300L ( Digital Logic Design Lab)

1 Web site for specs on chips:
Materials Required: See attached list in each lab.
3 Complete each prelab before coming to each lab. I will sign it. All schematics MUST be done using p-spice.
Bring all parts required for each lab.
Submit a final lab report at the end of the quarter (Signed prelabs and typed postlabs stapled together).
6 I will lecture during each lab explaining the following week's lab.

Recommended Electronics Parts Stores

  • Fry's Electronics
  • Marvac Dow Electronics, Pasadena 626-793-1195
  • Marvac Electronics, Costa Mesa 949-650-2001
  • Orvac Electronics, Fullerton, 714-871-1020
Parts List

Lab 2.pdf
Lab 3.pdf
Lab 4.pdf
Lab 5.pdf
Lab 6.pdf
Lab 7.pdf
Lab 8.pdf
Lab 9.pdf
Lab 10.pdf
Lab 11.pdf
Lab 12.pdf
Lab 13.pdf
EPROM chip programming.pdf