There are eight labs. All labs except Lab 2 are selected from end-of-chapter problems from the book.
Software Development
1 Use Microchip’s MPLAB software for assembly and debugging PIC18F assembly language programs (Appendix F of the text book).
Use Microchip's MPLAB C18 software for compiling and debugging C- programs (Appendix G of the book, also see Wiley errata folder ( at the Insructors' Companion site or my website at\~mrafiquzzama)
3 Complete each prelab before coming to each lab. I will sign it. All schematics MUST be done using p-spice.
Bring all parts required for each lab.
Submit a final lab report at the end of the quarter (Signed prelabs and typed postlabs stapled together).
6 I will lecture during each lab explaining the following week's lab.
Hardware Development
1 Download developed programs from Personal Computer (PC) or Laptop into the PIC18F4321 using PICKit3TM (Appendix H of the book).

Websites for Buying Parts

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