ECE 343L Microprocessor I Lab

Prerequisite: ECE 204/204L
Concurrent: ECE 343


Lab Performance 65%
Oral Exam 10%
Lab Report 25%
Total 100%
Week# Topic
1 Introduction
2,3,4  Assemble and execute 68000 programs:
Examples and problems from the text using Ide 68k assembler/debugger.
5,6,7,8,9 Design and build a 68000/2732/6821 based microcomputer.
Draw a schematic using typical tools such as p-spice, or Orcad, or Wordpro. Determine memory and I/O maps. Design clock and reset circuitry. Wire-wrap your design. Test (Continuity and power/ground)and demonstrate the circuit operation using switch/LED problems from the text.
Demonstrate another I/O problem as assigned.
10 Oral Exams and Lab Reports
Text: Rafiquzzaman, M. "Microprocessor Theory and Applications with 68000/68020 and Pentium", Wiley, 2008, ISBN: 978-0-470-38031-4
Major Parts List
Please Order Parts Online From
Part Name QTY
a) Motorola 68000 1
b) Motorola 6821 1
c) 2732 EPROM
(Jameco part# 40125)
d) 555 Timer, 8-pin DIP
(Jameco Part# 840579)
e) 1N904 Diode or equivalent 1
f) 4 MHz Crystal Oscillator 4-pin
(Jameco Part# 27967)
Jameco Catalog#
Description QTY
94503 IC Socket 40-pin 1
104054 SIPP Socket 30-pin 6
Use SIPP sockets for 64-pin 68000
h) Push button Switch (two-pin) 1  
i) Wire-wrap board
(Radio shack Cat# 276-1396A
j) Wire-wrap tool for 30 gauge wire
(Radio schack Cat# 276-570A
k) 30g wires