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Here you'll find information on Conflict of Interest, Accepting Gifts, Confidentiality of University Information, Outside Work Disclosures, Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology, Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines, and more.

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University resources such as office supplies, cell phones, meeting rooms and work time may be used only for university purposes.  You may use your university land-line phone, email for minimal personal use consistent with university policies (see Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology).  It is improper to use university resources,  including work-place internet access, email and telephone, for outside activities, including consulting, person business, and political use.

Section 8314 of the California Government Code provides that:

(a)    It is unlawful for . . . any state or local appointee, employee, or consultant, to use or permit others to use public resources for a campaign activity, or personal or other purposes which are not authorized by law.

In this context, “public resources” means any “property or asset owned by the state or any local agency, including, but not limited to, land, buildings, facilities, funds, equipment, supplies, telephones, computers, email system, vehicles, travel, and state-compensated time.” (See Cal. Gov’t Code § 8314(b)(3)). 

CSU policy regarding what election-related activities are allowed and what activities can be prohibited, as well as guidelines on how to exercise appropriate discretion, are set forth in the CSU Handbook of Election Issues published by the Office of General Counsel (CSYou--requires your Cal Poly Pomona username and password).

Use of Cal Poly Pomona Facilities - Please refer to the University Use & License of Facilities Guide (PDF) for information on how to lease/use campus facilities for personal events.  For more information, please contact the License of Facilities Office.

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If you are aware of a situation involving potential misuse of university resources or other possible ethics violations, you may report this activity as outlined in our Annual Notification Under the California Whistleblower Protection Act (PDF) (Link opens in a new window).

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