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Organizational Development (OD)

About Organizational Development

Education surrounds everything we do at Cal Poly Pomona. The byproduct of an organization being committed to staff members is having staff members who are committed to the organization. Cal Poly Pomona is investing in the success of every employee on campus.

Culture is the result of the environment you create. Each of us is responsible for creating the environment we want in our work units that allows each of us the opportunity to continue refining our craft through trial and error and innovation.

Advance Organizational Development & Employee Excellence is one of the University's strategic goals.

  • Become an employer of choice, recognized as a great place to work
  • Recognize and reward the achievement of individuals, teams, and the impact of teamwork.
  • To advance our vision and strategic initiatives, increase recruitment and rentention of diverse faculty, staff and other professionals
  • Invest in our personnel by expanding professional development opportunities
  • Redesign business processes to enhance organizational effectiveness

We know that high levels of engagement impacts employee retention and improves overall organizational performance. Engaging staff through personal and professional learning opportunities demosntrates the universities commitment of investing in the whole person.

We are here to serve you. Thank you for taking the first step in unleashing your potential! 

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CSU Learn

CSU Learn is now live! Visit the Sum Total portal where you can access more than 75,000 online lessons, videos, e-books, classes, and compliance courses. In addition, this is the link you will use to register for instructor led (in person) courses available to staff and faculty.

You can access the Quick Start guides, which show key features and navigation by clicking on the links below:

Course Catalog

The Professional Development Catalog is a tool created to help you navigate your development at Cal Poly Pomona. No matter your tenure or title, we want to ensure that your experience with Employee & Organizational Development & Advancement will leave you feeling inspired, and committed to your professional development journey.

 "Cal Poly Pomona is an institution defined by continual improvement"

-Soraya Coley

Cal Poly Pomona President


Course Catalog for the University

Instructor Led Class Catalog

View our catalog of Intructor Led classes below. Visit SumTotal to browse thousands of self-paced classes.

Download the PDF Summer 2019 Instructor-Led Course Catalog here!