Institutional Equity and Compliance

Access & Compliance Team


The Access and Compliance Team (ACT) was formed to discuss, monitor, and evaluate campus-specific issues relating to access, accommodations, and support services for individuals with disabilities and applicable federal and state laws and regulations. The team also assists in the evaluating of current campus policies and procedures relating to students with disabilities, and to develop plans and recommend priorities relating to programs and services for students with disabilities. 


To cultivate a culture of success and inclusivity by ensuring all members of our campus community and quests are provided equitable access to work and educational environments, the physical and virtual campus, and university programs and activities. 


To make CPP a nationally recognized institution where people work and study with full integration and true unification.


  • Disability - We value disability as an integral part of our university's richly diverse community
  • Advocacy - We believe that everyone in this community has a right to an equal education, so we will take the necessary actions to ensure this right is protected.
  • Inclusivity - Our diversity across multiple dimensions reflects and enhances our community. We are welcoming and respectful of all students, faculty, and staff.
  • Compliance - We commit to providing accessible and inclusive work and educational settings and have a responsibility to do so under federal and state laws.
  • Technology - The technology provided in this institution will allow members of the community to thrive in their respective environments through the use of innovative, user-friendly, and easily-accessible means. 

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