Student Accommodations (Disability & Religious)

CSU Policy

The policy of the CSU is to make its programs, services, and activities accessible to students, faculty, staff, and the general public who visit or attend a campus-sponsored event, with disabilities. It is the policy of the CSU to provide reasonable accommodations in the employment and application process. If assistance or accommodations are needed, please see information below. This policy is in accordance with applicable state and federal laws including, but not limited to, the ADA, 42 U.S.C. § 12101 et seq.; Sections 503504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, 29 U.S.C. § 794 et seq.; and applicable state laws, including but not limited to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), Government Code § 12940 et seq. and Education Code §§ 67302 and 67310-13.

Disability Support and Accommodation Resources

  • Students seeking disability support and accommodation resources should contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC). The DRC has been designated as the campus authority to verify disabilities and to prescribe specific accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Individualized programs are designed that enable students to compete academically on an equal basis with their non-disabled peers. Academic accommodations and support services are available to students who have mobility, visual, or hearing impairments, chronic health conditions, and/or attention, learning or psychological disorders.
    Complaints: Students are urged to contact the campus ADA Coordinator (see below for contact information) regarding any questions or concerns, including complaint procedures available to you. Also refer to the CSU System-Wide Complaint Procedure for Students, outlined in Executive Order 1097 and the E.O. 1097 Complaint Form (PDF).
  • Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) - It is the policy of the CSU to make information technology resources and services accessible to all CSU students, faculty, staff and the general public regardless of disability. Carol (Heins) Gonzales is the Cal Poly Pomona Accessible Technology Coordinator. For more information, including resources, policy requirements regarding departmental software purchases, etc., please visit the Cal Poly Pomona ATI Webpage
  • Reporting a Physical Access Barrier - Students and campus visitors who encounter a physical access barrier on campus, such as an inoperative elevator or unresponsive power door; bicycles or vehicles blocking access ramps or curb cuts; overhanging branches; and/or difficulty traveling a route because of construction, etc., are encouraged to report such barriers to the Campus ADA Coordinator. The ADA Coordinator will report barriers to Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M). Campus employees can report issues directly to FP&M at (909) 869-3030. If you do so, you may want to alert the ADA Coordinator as well.
  • The Disability Resource Center (DRC), in collaboration with the campus community, facilitates access to University programs and services for students with disabilities through accommodations, consultation, and advocacy. Visit the Disability Resource Center site!

About the Campus ADA Coordinator

Cal Poly Pomona's ADA Coordinator acts as a resource to the campus community to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations. The Coordinator implements campus antidiscrimination policies and provides proactive support.

The ADA Coordinator works with Facilities Planning & Management to remove physical access barriers and also serves on the campus Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Committee.

The ADA Coordinator receives and processes discrimination complaints--see Policies and Complaint Procedures for details.

Manuel Montilla Jr.
ADA Coordinator
Institutional Equity & Compliance
3801 W. Temple Avenue
Pomona, CA  91768
(909) 869-4646

Religious Accommodations for Students

Cal Poly Pomona strives to accommodate students who must miss a class or reschedule an exam due to a religious observance. As stipulated in the revised Course Syllabus Policy, the Division of Student Affairs must maintain an annual religious and cultural holiday calendar.

To obtain the most current list of religious holidays and cultural observances that may require scheduling consideration, use the Master Calendar.

Some religious holidays are work-restricted and others are not work-restricted.

This list is not all-encompassing. Faculty, staff, students and administrators at Cal Poly Pomona may use this reference to aid in making reasonable accommodations in the scheduling of tests or examinations and campus events.

NOTE: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona will remain open for most of the religious holidays and cultural observances. The references highlighted in the campus calendar are not to be construed as an academic or employee work calendar. A link to the various calendars can be found at: and included there is the official State Employee Holiday Calendar for our campus.

392.4.4 The California State Education Code, as law, supersedes all campus policies. In particular, section 89320 states:

The Trustees of the California State University shall require each state university, in administering any test or examination, to permit any student who is eligible to undergo the test or examination to do so, without penalty, at a time when that activity would not violate the student's religious creed. This requirement shall not apply in the event that administering the test or examination at an alternate time would impose an undue hardship which could not reasonably have been avoided. In any court proceeding in which the existence of an undue hardship which could not reasonably have been avoided is an issue, the burden of proof shall be upon the institution.