Report an Incident

Reporting an Incident of Sexual Misconduct

Cal Poly Pomona strongly supports and encourages prompt reporting of sexual misconduct. Reporting provides resources to victims and contributes to keeping the campus safe. 

Our campus Title IX Coordinator is available to explain and discuss your rights and options; the University's relevant complaint process, and your right to receive assistance with that process, including the investigation process; how confidentiality is handled; available resources, both on and off campus; and other related matters.  

Report a Title IX Incident

Or you can contact our office at (909) 869-4646;
Your report will be accepted in any language.

What Reporting Options Do I Have?

Instances of sexual misconduct may violate both the University's sexual misconduct policy and the law.  Therefore, if you believe you have been the victim of sexual misconduct, you have several reporting options, and you may pursue one or all of these options at any time.  It is your right to have a friend, family member, sexual assault advocate, or other representative present with you while reporting the incident.

Your Rights & Options (PDF)
Myths & Facts (PDF)

University/Administrative Complaint

Confidentiality: Information regarding the complaint shall be shared with other University employees and law enforcement exclusively on a "need to know" basis.  University employees shall endeavor to honor any Complainant's request for confidentiality; however, the University shall also weigh requests for confidentiality against its duty to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all members of the campus community.  Confidentiality cannot be ensured.  Except as noted in Article II, in cases involving Sexual Violence, victim requests for complete confidentiality are to be referred to the Title IX Coordinator, who will then determine whether the request for complete confidentiality can be honored under the facts and circumstances of the particular case (See Executive Order 1095).

Complaints by Students

Complaints by CSU Employees and Third Parties

Regardless of whether a victim decides to pursue a criminal investigation, the University's Title IX coordinators will take immediate steps to investigate the complaint, to protect the victim, and to ensure the safety of the campus community. If a criminal complaint is filed in addition to the University complaint, the University will continue implementing its own procedures regardless of the timeline of the criminal proceedings or their outcome.

Criminal Complaint

Reporting to University Police and/or local police is an option at any time.  If you choose not to report to the police immediately following a sexual violence incident, you can still make the report at a later time.  However, with the passage of time, the ability to gather evidence to assist with crimnal prosecution may be limited.  Dependent on the circumstances, the police may be able to obtain a criminal restraining order on your behalf.

University Police Services

University Police Services can explain the procedures for pursuing a criminal investigation of sexual misconduct.  University Police will investigate every incident reported to police to determine if a crime has been committed. The criminal investigation is independent from any investigation undertaken by the Title IX coordinator under this policy.  Our campus Title IX Coordinator is available to assist you in notifying the police, if you wish.

Emergency - Police, Fire, Medical - Dial 9-1-1*
Non-Emergency/Business: (909) 869-3070
Anonymous Crime Tips: (909) 869-3399 Fax: (909) 869-4909
3801 W. Temple Avenue, Bldg. 109, Pomona, CA  91768

*If using a cell phone in an emergency, dial (909) 869-3070.  9-1-1 calls from cell phones are routed to the CHP. 

City of Pomona Police Department
490 W. Mission Blvd., Pomona, CA  91766 Phone:  (909) 620-2155

Civil Lawsuit

You may choose to file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator, whether or not criminal charges have been filed.  A civil lawsuit provides you the opportunity to recover actual damages, which may include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering and emotional distress.
You may also choose to obtain a protective or restraining order (such as a domestic violence restraining order or a civil harassment restraining order).  Restraining orders must be obtained from a court in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred.  Restraining orders can protect victims who have experienced or are reasonably in fear of physical violence, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.  Our campus Title IX Coordinator can offer assistance with obtaining a protective or restraining order.


You are strongly encouraged to report any incident of sexual violence to the police and/or campus Title IX Coordinator so that steps may be taken to protect you and the rest of the campus community.  However, non-reporting is also an option.

If a student discloses an incident with a member of the community who has an obligation to report; the Title IX Coordinator will be notified.  When notified of an incident of sexual misconduct, our Title IX Coordinator has an obligation to protect the safety of the campus community and therefore will collect more inforamtion and may impose interim measures to reasonably ensure safety.