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Freshman Program

Welcome! Your orientation program is designed to give you a comprehensive experience where you will learn about academic requirements, academic success strategies, campus involvement, volunteer opportunities, and register for your first-quarter classes. 

Freshman orientation is a mandatory three-day, two-night program. (Parents have an optional one-day orientation. See below for more details.)

For summer 2015, check-in will begin at 10am on Tuesday mornings and the entire program will end by 5pm on Thursday evenings. (NOTE: If you are attending the June 29th-July 2nd program in summer 2015, check-in will begin at 10am on Monday and the program will end by 5pm on Wednesday.)

 You must check in at Encinitas Lawn (Bldg. 20) on the day of your orientation. 

  • Prepare you academically by introducing you to faculty and staff, teaching you about registration tools and academic culture, and connecting you to important resources
  • Help you connect to campus by providing opportunities to meet other students, find clubs and organizations that fit your interests, explore your identity and learn about the many curricular and co-curricular opportunities available to you
  • Empower you to be an active learner by teaching you about CPP rules and policies, introducing you to resources that can help you when times are tough and giving you the tools to become a critical thinker

Students comments about orientation program

"I'm glad I had an opportunity to attend the orientation program. I had a really good time, learned a lot about the Cal Poly Pomona campus, and the student life I will be a part of very soon."  Freshman Student

“I really enjoyed Poly Nights! The orientation leaders were enthusiastic about the games and got the group very excited to attend Cal Poly Pomona. Poly Nights was probably my favorite part and I would recommend it to every new student. It was a very open environment and I met a lot of friends. Thank you for providing this great introductory program!”  Freshmen Student

Orientation is mandatory

All students are required to attend the full three-day, two-night program. Orientation is a requirement to enroll in the university: not attending orientation can result in not being able to enroll.

Parents, Family and Guest Orientation

Freshmen parents, family and guests are invited to attend a one-day Orientation designed specifically for them. This is scheduled on the first day of your student’s Freshmen 3-day/2-night Orientation program. Parents, family and guests must be registered for this event. For more information, visit the Parent, Family and Guest page.


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