Cultural Centers 20th Anniversary

Honoring Our Legacy

Identity* Intersectionality* Inclusivity

4:00-5:00pm 5:00-7:00pm
Keynote Speaker, Jose Antonio Vargas  Reception
Bronco Student Center, Ursa Major     Including a performance by Las Cafeteras

Bronco Student Center, Ursa Major (location changed due to weather)

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Jose Antonio Vargas' Bio

Jose Antonio Vargas is the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who outed himself as an undocumented immigrant in a ground-breaking essay published in The New York Times Magazine in 2011. The article stunned media and political circles throughout the country and attracted world-wide coverage. Vargas has since testified at a United States Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration reform, and has been at the forefront of challenging the media's coverage of undocumented immigrants.
Vargas is a firm believer that to change the politics of immigration and citizenship, we must change the way we portray undocumented people and their roles in society, compelling him to write, produce, and direct the film Documented. The documentary chronicles his own journey while closely exploring the plight of other undocumented immigrants in America and the politics that surround the hotly contested issue of “legal status.” The film’s initial screenings have garnered high praise, with CNN set to debut the film on June 29, 2014.
Vargas is also the founder of Define American, a media and culture campaign that seeks to elevate the conversation around immigration and citizenship in a changing America. 

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