About Center Mural

The Asian Pacific Islander Student Center (APISC) has a 20-foot mural that was painted in April 1998 during the Asia & Pacific Islands Heritage month that depicts a collage of Asian-American history. “It helps remind Cal Poly Pomona students that we have an enriched Asian-American history. The mural helps touch base with our history to help us with who we are today,” said Andrew Pham, Social Justice Leader and landscape architecture student.

In the Fall of 1997, Professor Haiming Liu of Cal Poly Pomona collaborated with Lui Amador, coordinator of the Asian Pacific Islander Student Center, and Eliseo Silvia, a southern California Filipino American muralist, to offer a course entitled Asian American Murals.  In this class, about eighteen students, both Asian and non-Asian in ethnic descent, learned about different Asian American murals while researching contemporary issues facing Asian Americans today.  They also participated in workshop – style sessions that helped them determine the best material to use for a mural.  The students then determined the themes and issues in Asian American cultural and political history that felt most relevant to them.  By working with closely with Eliseo Silvia, these students were instrumental in determining the final image of the mural, and even painted the mural itself.

The goal of our project is to educate the community on a few of the prominent Asian American and Pacific Islander murals within the greater Los Angeles County. It is our hope that through understanding these murals, people will gain a better sense of the history of activism AAPI’s come from, as well as the struggles and achievements that AAPI’s have experienced. After countless hours of exploring the many different AAPI communities through art and conversing with artists and those knowledgeable about these murals, we are proud to present to you a glimpse of the heart, mind and soul that build and maintain our diverse communities.