Bronco Lead

Bronco LEAD Program

The Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers

Bronco LEAD Program

Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Development 

The Bronco LEAD program nurtures leaders by developing and supporting a variety of student leadership opportunities through:

Collaboration with academic and student affairs departments

Recognizing successful student leadership, and

Fostering the natural leader in each Cal Poly Pomona student.

The Bronco LEAD Program is a curriculum based program that is focused on developing leaders across campus.  Students are able to participate in any of the following curricula:

Bronco LEAD 1.0: is a foundational curriculum that highlights our institutional values of leadership and student development. 

Bronco LEAD 2.0: is designed to build upon the Bronco LEAD foundation.  Participants can choose from Multicultural Leadership, Community Engagement or Bronco LEADer to further develop their leadership skills.

Bronco LEAD 3.0: is designed to put leadership into practice.  In Cal Poly Pomona fashion, participants in Bronco LEAD 3.0 will have an opportunity “to do” leadership.

In order for students to complete the Bronco LEAD Program they must complete the Bronco LEAD Curriculum.  Once the Bronco LEAD curriculum is completed students will have the opportunity to participate in Bronco LEAD 2.0 and /or Bronco LEAD 3.0.

myBAR will be used to build the curriculum, capture student reflections and track student progress.

Each spring semester those who complete any Bronco LEAD curriculum will be honored at a culminating ceremony, Seniors who complete any Bronco LEAD Curriculum will be given a graduation sash in addition to a certificate of completion.

For Questions please contact Reggie Robles, Interim Coordinator of Leadership and Student Involvement