Bronco LEAD Curriculum

Bronco LEAD 1.0: Foundational

Bronco LEAD 1.0 is the base curriculum of this program. You will become familiar with a variety of resources our campus has to offer by selecting experiences that pique your interests! This curriculum is mandatory of all students participating in the Bronco LEAD Program.


Please Note: Any workshop that does not allow you to prove attendance will be manually entered by the Bronco LEAD Coordinator. This makes signing into the workshops you attend VERY IMPORTANT!

Complete the 2 mandatory requirements:

  • Bronco LEAD Pre- Survey
  • So, You Think You Can LEAD? Workshop

Complete at least 5 elective items:

  • Career Center Sponsored
  • First Year Experience Class
  • Attend 1 General club/organization meeting
  • Polysh’d Speakers’ Public Speaking Workshop
  • Attend a Study Abroad Info Session
  • Attend a Bronco LEAD Partnered Event
  • Attend a Bronco LEADership Conference
  • Attend the Bronco LEAD Diversity Workshop
  • Attend a Bronco LEAD Workshop of your choice
  • Attend the Annual NSLS Leaders for Leaders Conference
  • “You Mad?”: Conflict Management and YOUR organization (You Mad?)

Bronco LEAD 2.0: Discovery

Bronco LEAD 2.0-This curriculum attempts to fortify students understanding of themselves. Students will be exposed to versatile customs, experiences and explore their own internal development. 2.0-is for students who are seeking to go more in-depth understanding of who they are as a leader and want to go beyond the foundational curriculum.

Please Note: This curriculum is NOT mandatory. The second level of the Bronco LEAD program gives students the ability to focus on what does leadership truly mean to them and what skills do they need to further develop their leadership abilities. 

Complete the 5 mandatory requirements:

  • Complete Bronco LEAD 1.0 Curriculum
  • Volunteer at a Large Scale Cultural Center Event
  • Register for and attend at least one Allies Training
  • Become a MEMBER or a registered club or organization
  • Complete Wellness Card Program (Wellness Card with Stamp) 

Complete 2 electives items of your choice:

  • Study Abroad
  • Informational Interview
  • Meet with a Health Educator
  • Participate in a Community Event
  • Attend a Bronco LEAD Partnered Event
  • Apply and Attend the Cross-Cultural Retreat
  • Pass Intro to Ethnic Studies (EWS 140) Course
  • Create and Complete a Self-Care Activity Sheet
  • Pass the Multicultural Leadership Class: EWS 290 or EWS 290S
  • Apply for and participate in the Diversity Ambassador Program

Bronco LEAD 3.0: LEAD by Doing

Bronco LEAD 3.0 is the final curriculum where students utilize the techniques/tools acquired in Bronco LEAD 1.0 and 2.0 This level requires students to put their obtained leadership skills into practice. Participants in Bronco LEAD 3.0 will have an opportunity “to do” leadership in Cal Poly Pomona fashion. Instead of "LEARN by Doing," students will "LEAD by Doing" through service opportunities listed below.


Complete the 3 mandatory requirements:

  • Complete the requirements for Bronco LEAD 1.0
  • Complete the requirements for Bronco LEAD 2.0
  • Present a poster presentation at the Bronco LEADership Conference

Complete 3 electives items of your choice:

  • Start Your Own Club!
  • Presentation at a Conference
  • Hold one of the Bronco LEADer positions
  • Attend a Bronco LEAD Partnered Event
  • Pass a Cal Poly Pomona Service Learning Course
  • Bronco Club and Organization Conference (BCORC)
  • Volunteer 5 hours promoting the Bronco LEAD program
  • Successfully complete a 1 Quarter Internship (co-op or academic)
  • Complete a Strengths Quest Assessment at the CPP Career Center
  • Join the Cal Poly Pomona Toastmaster’s Chapter (Polysh’d Speakers)
  • Membership on the Executive Board of a REGISTERED CPP Club or Organization
  • Join the Cal Poly Pomona Chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)