Our Services

The César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education offers numerous opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills through workshops, trainings, conference attendance and assistance on program planning.

Outreach, Recruitment, Retention

The César E. Chávez for Higher Education (Chávez Center) outreaches to the community by participating in local school events and programs and by sponsoring and participating in outreach conferences for local high school and middle school youth and parents.   Once students arrive to the Cal Poly Pomona campus, retention efforts are made through programming and club activities to help students adjust to college and eventually lead to graduation.


Students are able to receive academic, personal, and program planning advise as well as referrals to professional counseling and academic advising through the César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education.

Volunteer Opportunities

The César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education welcomes and encourages students who want to volunteer. Volunteers can assist with front office work, program planning, as well as leadership and club affairs.  The César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education believes that volunteering helps students develop into experienced professionals.

Multicultural Education, Workshops and Programs

Students can benefit from a variety of workshops and services that promote multicultural education and diversity offered by the César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education and the Cal Poly Pomona Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers. Students can experience diversity education by participating in the annual the Cross Cultural Retreat, the Cal Poly Pomona heritage months, the Cultural Centers cultural graduation celebrations and a variety of on-going workshops and educational programs.