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Club Resources

The club resource page contains information necessary for the successful management of campus clubs/organizations. For further information on Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers policies, please visit the Campus Policies and Procedures page. For information on club/organization registration or new club registration, please visit the Club Registration page.                                      

  • myBAR: online club registration and membership management program. Please contact La 'Keisha Beard at ext. 5007 or thru e-mail at
  • Posting Policy: Club flyers, banners, and chalking policy. Please make sure to bring ONLY two (2) copies of any flyers, one for yourself and one for our records. We will ask for the following contact information: name, phone number, e-mail, and Bronco ID. It is recommended that you make copies of your flyer after we have stamped it. 
  • Policy for Renting I&IT Equipment: I&IT equipment can be rented by clubs for a price if speakers or other electronics beyond those installed in classrooms or available outside are required.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Scheduling Tips: Tips for scheduling indoor or outdoor spaces. Included below is a map to Environmental Health and Safety for events with food. To schedule into an outdoor or indoor space please visit our Event Scheduling page. The following locations are not scheduled by our office, the contact to schedule into those locations are provided if applicable, or you can search for names from the Event Planning Contact List:

    • Bronco Student Center: Conference and Events Services, ext. 2847
    • Heritage Room: Office of the President, ext. 3327
    • Kellogg Gym: Wendy Nasmyth, ext. 2804
    • Bookstore Atrium (area between the bookstore and classrooms): Debra Poe, ext. 4204
    • University Theater: Jonathan Baston, ext. 3957
    • Music Recital Hall: John Sandhagen, ext. 3550
  • Food Handler's License Information: For any club event serving either homemade food or food being handed out by a server the club will need a Certified Food Handler in order to get Environmental Health and Safety approval for their event. The Certified Food Handler's License Information can be obtained the following off-campus locations: Los Angeles providers and San Bernardino providers (PDF).
  • ASI Financial Services: The ASI Business Services holds the accounts for all clubs on campus. Accounts can be set-up only after the club is chartered. Accounts are held for up to 2 years without reactivation. Club accounts will closed if the club remains unchartered after 2 academic years. Please read the ASI Financial Guidelines and Stipulations (PDF).   
  • Risk Management: Certain outdoor events will need approval from Risk Management. You will be either be told this information via e-mail, by phone, or in person if you need to contact Risk Management. This varies on a case by case basis. Risk Management will then assess whether your event will need insurance or not. This usually applies to sports events or events with large crowds.

  • Tax Payer ID: Use this form if the business/venue requests a taxpayer identification number.  Fill out the first two boxes and then turn in the paper to the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers, building 26 room 124.  We will fax the business the taxpayer identification number.  In the area asking for the donation amount you can put the percentage of sales going towards the club in place of a specified dollar amount.
  • Vendor Sponsorship Information: the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers allows clubs/organizations to sponsor vendors as a fundraising opportunity.  This involves checking in with the vendor three (3) times a day for as long as they are on-campus for the week, helping to set-up and take down if the vendor requests.  Fill out the Vendor Sponsorship information form and return it to the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers.
  • Violation Form: students can file a complaint against clubs/organizations, vendors, or other organizations by completing the violation form in the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers.
  • Fundraising Opportunities: When receiving a donation contact Carol Lee, Division of Student Affairs, 98T-6-19, phone: (909) 869-2816, email: She will make sure your donor receives recognition, which the donor may desire for tax filing purposes.  Places to get funds include food sales (outdoor event scheduling procedure), Vendor program, TV Tapings (contact a studio), car wash, restaurant night (Tax Payer ID form), etc.  Funds are also available for clubs from the following: 


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