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Why Go Greek?


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Greek organizations are dedicated to building for future leaders.  Fraternities and sororities are self-governing organizations that provide a wealth of leadership opportunities for their members. Whether you are on a committee, holding an office in your chapter, or serving on Diversified Greek Council, Greek Council, Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Panhellenic Conference, National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) there are many ways to explore your personal leadership abilities.  Fraternity and sorority members are some of the most active and visible student leaders on campus.  You will see Greeks participating as Orientation leaders, Association Students, Incorporated, Bronco Events and Activities Team, University Housing, Intramurals, and various Honor Societies, to name a few.

Brotherhood/ Sisterhood


College is a place where lasting friendships are built; Greek life is a place where brotherhood/sisterhood is built.  This special bond focuses on individuality and appreciation of differences, not conformity.  Your brothers and sisters will cheer you on when your're successful and will support through difficult times.  Membership in a Greek organization will provide you with lifelong bonds that continue beyond your years at Cal Poly Pomona.

Social Life

Social Life

Offering a break from the demands of the classroom is one of the benefits of the Greek community.  Throughout the year fraternities and sororities will participate in many social events such as Greek Week, Pack the Gym Night, mixers, cookout, and spring formals.  These events not only allow you to spend time with your chapter members, but also give you the opportunity to socialize with other Greeks.


Greek Scholarship

Did you know statistics show that Greeks have a higher rate of graduation than non-Greeks and maintain a higher GPA? Academic excellence is a prerequisite to becoming a member of the Greek comunity.  Chapters and councils provide assistance and support through various scholastic programs that encourage members to reach their academic potential.  Each chapter has a different grade requirement for membership.  These requirements can be found on the individual chapter information pages.

Philanthropy & Community Service

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One of the most gratifying aspects of Greek life is the sense of pride that comes with involvement in philanthropic activities and community service.  Each year the Greek community contributes thousands of dollars and numerous hours of service to various philanthropies and comunity agencies.  These activities create a sense of contribution and satisfaction and foster unity among all Greek members.


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Community service is one of the founding principles of all fraternities and sororities.  No matter what your service interests may be, you will find opportunities to participate in both "hands-on" service and fundraising as part of the Cal Poly Pomona Greek community.  When you visit with the chapter members during the recruitment process, be sure to ask about their philanthropy programs.