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Greek Life Guidelines



California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (CPP) recognizes that fraternities and sororities of the National Interfraternity Conference (NIC), the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), the National Pan-Hellenic Conference (NPHC), the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO), National Asian Pacific Islander American Panhellenic Association (NAPA), Asian Greek Council (AGC), Diversified Greek Council (DGC) and other Greek Organizations which meet the CPP criteria for registration, make significant contributions to the quality of student life. Their relationship with the University is based on trust, collaboration, cooperation and the mutual benefits that both the University and the Greek community enjoy.


Greek organizations enhance participation in the cultural, academic, social and spiritual life of CPP. The individual and group performance of members of Greek organizations should always uphold those values stated in the chapters' constitutions and/or by-laws. By virtue of the University's approval of each organization's stated principles and ideals, the University expects that the goals of Greek organizations will be compatible with the goals and mission of the CPP community. Therefore, the University will hold each organization to the standards set forth by their national organizations in areas including but not limited to academics, programming, risk management, member education and service. For those chapters that are not National recognized CPP will serve the role as their National office.

The University relinquishes any responsibility for events and activities/circumstances and/or ramifications whereby students are involved in activities via affiliation with other fraternal organizations not registered with the University.


As stated in the University goals, the ultimate objective of the University experience, both in and outside of the classroom, is to educate and develop mature, responsible members of the community. CPP recognizes that each chapter's values and founding principles are congruent with these goals. Because of the importance to their own members, Greek organizations have certain rights and responsibilities within this community. Each chapter seeking recognition on campus should submit on a yearly basis the Chapter Standards of Excellence.


Chapter Standards of Excellence (aka Poly Gold)


The Poly Gold submission looks at the breadth and depth of a chapter’s accomplishments, showing organizational achievements within the community, philanthropies, campus involvements, scholarship, etc. Poly Gold submissions are due to the Coordinator of Greek Life in Spring Quarter.  A Poly Gold submission is required to register the organization the following academic year.


Chapters should also:


Remain in good standing with their sponsoring Inter/national Organization and the University.

Actively participate within and be in good standing with their respected sub-Council and Greek Council.

Meet and maintain the minimum standards necessary for Greek organization registration at the University, including:


Insurance (once submitted, the chapter does not need to resubmit unless information changes, e.g. the expiration date has changed)

Certificate of insurance shall name CPP as additional insured

Insurance shall read "The State of California, the Trustees of the California State University, the University and the employees, officers, and agents of each of them are included as additional insured."

Copy of new member process (once submitted, chapter does not need to resubmit unless information changes)

Roster of Members (via myBAR & official roster form)

Roster of Executive Board Members (names, position, email and phone number)

Risk management signed form

Hazing policy signed form

Require that all new members have completed 9 academic units and earned a minimum 2.3 cumulative GPA each quarter

Chapter maintains a quarterly GPA of 2.50 GPA (although, this information will be compiled via the University, the chapter should also submit GPA for Fall, Winter & Spring)

Failure to meet the standards set forth in the Chapter Standards of Excellence may result in loss of University recognition.


Expansion Philosophy


The process to register additional Greek organizations at CPP will always be initiated and conducted by the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers. The Coordinator of Greek Life along with the Senior Coordinator of the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers will make the determination of readiness for expansion, which will be based on size and viability of the current Greek community, the availability of campus resources, personnel to support additional chapters, the interest of unaffiliated students at CPP, and approval of expansion from University administrators.




When the University and the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers determine that the campus is open for and able to support Greek organization expansion, the process may include the following (may vary depending on Sub-Council):


  • Appropriate organizations with official packets of interest on file with the Coordinator of Greek Life will be notified that CPP is open for expansion.
  • Sub-Council delegate will vote on which organization may be selected to participate in a presentation process on campus.
  • Following the presentation process, the Greek Council, the Expansion Committee and the NPC, NIC, NPHC, NALFO, NAPA, AGC, DGC chapters when appropriate, will submit their recommendations and/or endorsements to the Coordinator of Greek Life.
  • The Coordinator of Greek Life will then submit all recommendations to the Director of the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers.
  • An invitation for registration may be granted at the discretion of the Director of the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers.


Any Greek Organization wishing to affiliate with the CPP campus should submit an interest to expand packet to the Greek Life Office.


Interest to expand packet:

  • A written request expressing the desire to establish a chapter at Cal Poly Pomona from the Regional Director or a staff member from headquarters, documenting support of the national Greek organization.
  • Alumnae/I information:
  • Total number of alumnae within a sixty mile radius of Cal Poly Pomona and on a national/regional basis
  • List of alumnae/i who have indicated interest in working with the proposed chapter in an advisory capacity
  • Nearest alumnae/i chapter
  • A copy of the constitution of National Greek organization,
  • A copy of the following policies and educational programs:
  • Anti-Hazing Policy and enforcement guidelines,
  • Proof of insurance
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy and educational program,
  • Scholarship Policies and academic program,
  • Member Education Policy and educational program,
  • Recruitment Policy,
  • Leadership development and officer training programs, and
  • Other applicable educational programs.
  • A copy of the national/regional quarterly magazine (if applicable),
  • A report describing the plan for housing, and related housing policy and procedure (if applicable),
  • Colonization procedure, timeline and standards for chartering a chapter,
  • Proof of NIC/NPC/NPHC/NALFO/NAPA/AGC membership(if applicable),
  • Data about the organization, to include:
  • Total number of chapters nationwide and distribution area,
  • Total number of chapters in the Los Angeles area and California,
  • Total number of colonies during the last five years and where they were located,
  • Total number of initiated members,
  • Number of chapters lost in the past three years (where and when),
  • Average size of chapters, and
  • Percentage of new members initiated nationwide
  • Information regarding support from the national/regional office:
  • Number of traveling consultants and description of the organization’s consultant program, (if the organization has no consultants, please include regional leadership information)
  • Nearest region/province or other support person (paid or volunteer),
  • Description of national staff assistance to colonies and established chapters, and
  • Descriptions of conventions, leadership training and scholarships available.
  • A summary of the organizational structure of the fraternity/sorority both at the national and chapter levels.
  • Purpose and goals of organization.
  • What your organization will bring to California State Polytechnic University, Pomona’s Greek Community
  • Discuss currently what the interested organization has done to get to know and support the Greek Community at CPP.
  • Interest from at least six California State University, Pomona students (include name, Bronco ID#, contact information)
  • List 3 references that can speak on behalf of your organizations accomplishments.
  • Meet all Chapter Standards of Excellence


Recognized Chapter Rights


  • Greek Organizations may choose their own members
  • Receive all benefits afforded to registered student organizations
  • Participate as a unit in campus group activities
  • Request funding through ASI
  • Receive assistance from a Greek Coordinator who will assist them with chapter development and serve as a liaison among constituencies
  • Participate in self-governing activities through Greek Council
  • Provide the opportunity for the participation in educational experiences
  • Have on-campus events
  • Wear letters


Recognized Chapter Responsibilities


  • Greek Organizations must adhere to local, state and federal laws, University regulations and regulations of their sponsoring Inter/national Organization
  • Maintain the minimum requirements as stated in the Chapter Standards of Excellence
  • Maintain an active membership roster
  • Actively participate in programs sponsored by Greek Council
  • Foster an atmosphere within the chapter that is supportive of high academic standards and maintain a chapter GPA equal to or above the respective All Men’s or All Women’s GPA each term
  • Require that all officers of the organization are matriculated students of the University and remain in good standing with the University
  • Contribute positively to the CPP Greek community through programming, interfraternal relationships, service and philanthropic endeavors and educational opportunities for members
  • Comply with the Office of Student Life and Cultural Center’s Club and Organization registration process
  • Have a CPP faculty or staff member serve as an on-campus advisor. (Primary advisor cannot work in the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers or work for ASI.)
  • Have an off-campus advisor appointed by the Inter/National or Regional organization
  • Maintain positive community relations
  • Implement an internal judicial system
  • Submit all requested information in a timely manner, including but not limited to the year and quarter end reports and the Chapter Standards of Excellence packet
  • Obtain and maintain a proper tax-identification number under the Internal Revenue Code as a not-for-profit, social fraternity or sorority. Organizations that have this IRS designation are legally entitled to single sex membership based on Section 86.14 of the regulations announced under Title IX of the U.S. Education Act Amendments of 1972
  • Have insurance


Non-recognized Greek Organizations at Cal Poly Pomona


  • Cannot hold events on campus
  • Cannot use the Universities or Council’s names
  • Cannot flyer on campus
  • Cannot wear Greek Letters on campus


Association Alcohol, Risk Management and Social Standards Guidelines


A. Alcohol Resolution


We, the Greeks of Cal Poly Pomona, on December 2008 support the NPC resolution on alcohol-free social activities.

To actively support National Panhellenic Conference’s resolution and to assist the promotion of alcohol-free social activities in fraternity facilities.

To improve fraternity facilities as well as fraternity and sorority members well-being.

To improve safety on campus and encourage creativity in social activities.

To help change and improve the image of the Greek System and Cal Poly Pomona as a whole.


B. Alcohol and Risk Management Guidelines


  • All Greek chapters should review the University Interim Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy (revised January 2013).
  • In accordance with California state law, alcoholic beverages may neither be consumed nor possessed by persons under the legal drinking age while on chapter property, in leased facilities, or at any chapter-sponsored event. In compliance with the policies of each individual sorority, there may be no alcoholic beverages on sorority/ women’s fraternity chapter property at any time.
  • In accordance with California state law, the possession, sale and/or use of an illegal drug on chapter property, in leased facilities or at any chapter-sponsored event are prohibited.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be purchased for, served to, or sold to underage persons by any active chapter members (even of legal drinking age) on chapter property, in leased facilities, or at any chapter-sponsored event.
  • Social events where alcohol is present must be by personal invitation only. Social events are defined as formal events, alumni events, parties, or exchanges.
  • The number of guests for each co-sponsoring chapter is limited to a one to one ratio of chapter members to individually invited guests.
  • Guest lists must include the name of each member and their invited guest.
  • These lists must be kept as documentation of the party.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be purchased through the chapter treasury or through any person acting on behalf of the chapter.
  • All chapters will follow the provisions of these guidelines, as well as the guidelines set forth by their inter/national or local fraternity sponsoring or cosponsoring the event. In any instance where their inter/national or local policy is more stringent, the more stringent policy is to be enforced by the chapter.
  • It is highly recommended that no organization sale tickets to an event with alcohol. To help with the well-being and fight stereotypes of Greek organizations, we do not support the ticket sale to clubs/event as a source of fundraising.

*Amended on October 25, 2011 from Dr. Doug Freer that no Greek Member under 21 will be consuming alcohol or will be on social probation and/or disciplinary actions.


Changes in University Registration Status

University registration of Greek organizations is granted at the discretion of the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers along with the Dean of Students. Any alleged violations of University or Greek Council policies shall be adjudicated by the process outlined in the Student Conduct Code and/or Greek Judicial Code. Sanctions for organizational misconduct may include revocation or denial of registration as well as other appropriate sanctions, pursuant to Section V of the Student Conduct Code.

Amendment November 2010 and approved 11/24/10

  • No IFC or PHC member may have big sister and little brother or big brother and little sister events. No IFC or PHC member is allowed to attend official or unofficial big sister and little brother or big brother and little sister events. No IFC or PHC member is allowed to wear clothing that encourages, promotes, or announces they have a big sister and little brother or big brother and little sister.
  • Attending the event will be a fine of $50.00 per member.
  • Holding the event will be a fine of $1,000.00 per event and per chapter.
  • Wearing letters referring you are someone’s big or little or that you have a big or little that is not in your organization (your actual blood related family member is an exception):
  • First offense, turn in the article of clothing to the Greek Affairs office.
  • Second offense, turn in the article of clothing and pay $100 to Greek Council.
  • Third offense, turn in the article of clothing, pay $100 to Greek Council, and perform a workshop on the repercussions of having auxiliary programs.
  • Fourth offense, turn in the article of clothing, pay $100 to Greek Council, perform a workshop on Big Sister and Little Brother programs, and probation for one full quarter (Fall, Winter, or Spring, not including summer).