Greek Week

Greek Week is the major spirit week of Cal Poly Pomona’s Greek life and takes place in the Spring term. The goal of Greek Week is to unite the Greek Community under a common bond of fraternal friendship. There are activities to help the community, foster friendship, and of course, to have some fun along the way. Members dance and compete in lip sync contests, race and play in the Greek Olympics, and participate in building structures out of canned food, which is then donated to local shelters. Individual members are nominated to serve as their chapter’s representative during the week, called the Greek God/Goddess. They participate in their own challenges throughout the week that includes their knowledge of Greek history, the history of Greek life at Cal Poly Pomona, and their overall enthusiasm.

All of the money raised is, in turn, given back to scholarships on campus for the Renaissance Scholars and DREAMers programs as well as to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The week concludes with Awards Night, where chapters are awarded based on their winning of the individual events of the week. In addition, awards are given out to: the chapter that donated the most blood in the Red Cross Blood Drive, the chapter that won the week overall, and to the winning Greek God or Goddess. This night is when all chapters are recognized for their success and achievements from the past year.