Want to work for OSLCC?


Applications: For more information on qualifications and applying, please visit and sign in to the myBAR website, search OSLCC and view the application under FORMS. Applications are open from 1/22/2018 - 2/11/2018.


Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers Mission Statement

The Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers (OSLCC) provides resources for Student Life and five cultural centers at Cal Poly Pomona. OSL is dedicated to the promotion, education, and celebration of the campus community.  OSL coordinates projects, programs, resources, and services designed to meet the needs of Cal Poly Pomona’s students, while providing an open environment to engage and learn about important issues in and out of our community.  OSL strives to assist the university’s dedication to advancing knowledge and learn-by-doing while preparing students for life, leadership, and careers in a changing, multicultural world. OSL is committed to the recognition and appreciation for social, cultural, and religious differences. By raising the consciousness and social awareness, OSL helps foster a stronger sense of community at Cal Poly Pomona, and globally.


What is a Social Justice Leader?

Social Justice Leaders (SJLs) provide support to the six Cultural Centers through a “diversity and social justice” lens. Through opportunities for intergroup dialogue, teambuilding and training, SJLs will gain awareness of social justice issues while supporting the mission of the Cultural Centers.  Social Justice Leaders will assist with planning and implementation of major outreach and cultural awareness events, and representing the Cultural Centers at outreach opportunities.


What is a Student Life Leaders?

Maintain office culture and appearance, through use of technology.  Assist visitors with their questions regarding Scheduling and direct them to appropriate resources.  Assist with Event Management System development and implementation.  Help develop website marketing and ad campaigns. Represent the Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers at events/programs sponsored the Office the Student Life & Cultural Centers, and other campus-wide events, when appropriate.  Help facilitate leadership development among the different groups on campus.  Attend at least one self-development event per quarter.  Assist the OSLCC Coordinators of Student Involvement, Greek Life, Clubs & Organizations, and Administration. 


What is a myBAR intern?

My Bronco Activity Record (myBAR) captures student engagement in academic-related activities, clubs, organizations, employment, and awards earned. MyBAR interns develop & implement plans to market the myBAR program to the undergraduate student population.  MyBAR interns help create campus promotions of the program by creating posters, flyers, & assist in managing social media outlets; such as Facebook & Twitter.  Staffing the myBAR Lab and answering student questions about is essential in this role.  MyBAR interns are expected to create and staff programs that teach the students how to utilize the myBAR system.


What is The Diverse Design Studio?

The Diverse Design Studio is the graphics studio where student graphic designers provide support to the all the diverse areas of the department through design work with a “diversity and social justice” lens. Designers have an opportunity to create an array of campus-wide marketing, create awareness of social justice issues, diversity and leadership while supporting the mission of the department.  Graphic designers will assist with concept planning, designing and creating a variety of mediums to market and outreach to the Cal Poly Pomona campus and community at large.  Knowledge of graphics software, social media, etc. is preferred.