Intergroup Dialogues

Intergroup Dialogue 

Intergroup Dialogues are prolonged (6-7 weeks) small group discussions between different groups carefully structured to explore social group identity, conflict, and community.  Examples of groups include People of Color and White students; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer and Heterosexual students; Christian Students and Muslim Students, etc.  Each group is led by trained facilitators from each identity group who create a brave and safe space for intergroup interaction to take place.  Each group is represented by a balanced number of participants, and dialogue is emphasized rather than debate. 

Participants can expect to examine and discuss reading materials that are relevant to the groups’ dialogue.  Facilitators and participants explore similarities and differences among and across groups, and strive toward building a more socially just and inclusive community. 

Mission Statement 

Intergroup Dialogue seeks to engage students in building a more socially just and inclusive community through sustained and meaningful dialogue. As we explore topics that influence our communities we develop skills to work and communicate effectively across difference. 

As a result of participating in Intergroup Dialogue, you will be able to: 

  • observe and analyze experiences of others different from yourself. 

  • observe and analyze systems that affect the experiences of others. 

  • effectively communicate with people different from yourself. 

  • recognize your personal beliefs and values and how they impact others. 

  • critically analyze your roles and responsibilities within the University as they relate to diverse groups. 


Cal Poly Pomona’s Intergroup Dialogue program is modeled in part after the University of Michigan, which is a well-researched program building upon 25 years of development and practice from colleges and universities across the United States.  


Dialogues are typically around a particular social identity (e.g. race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, immigration status, etc.)  Dialogues run week 4 through week 9.

       Dialogues are on hiatus for fall quarter 2017.  They will return winter quarter 2018  #CivilSpeak


All interested participants must apply.  Application information for winter quarter available in later fall quarter. 

Why must I apply? 

In order to create a balance of identities within each group, we strive for an equal representation of applicants.  Intergroup Dialogues are enhanced by diverse voices, including identities not focused on in the dialogue.  The application helps us construct inclusive groups.  Applicants need to commit to attending the entire six-week program to order to participate.  

Contact Information 

For more information about the Intergroup Dialogue, please contact Jami Grosser, Senior Coordinator for Cultural Centers, at or 909-869-3064. 

*If you are interested in participating in a dialogue group around an identity that is not listed, feel free to reach out to Jami to discuss the possibility of it being added in the future.