Safe Zone Ally Program

What is the Safe Zone Ally Program?

The Safe Zone Ally Program is a network of Cal Poly Pomona students, faculty, and staff who are visibly supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people of anyone dealing with sexual orientation or gender identity issues AND who have attended the training workshop. 

Participants at the training workshop will learn about LGBTQ topics and terminology, receive resources and referral info, interact with a panel of LGBTQ students, and discuss ways of being an Ally.  After attending, participants may choose to sign a contract promising to be a safe space, and receive a Safe Zone Ally placard to display outside their office or residence hall room or a button to display on their backpacks. Those who have attended a Safezone Ally Training may choose to further their knowledge by attending an Advanced Safezone Ally Training. You must have attended a regular Safezone Training in order to participate in the Advanced trainings.

Training Dates for Fall 2018

Safe Zone Training (students, faculty, staff) Free, RSVP required

  • Safe Zone Training - Thursday, September 6, 2018: 11:00am-2:00pm Building 35 (BSC), Room Andromeda A

The Pride Center encourages all students to participate in our programs and utilize our services.

Safe Zone RSVP Form

Please let us know that you are joining us!  Please only RSVP if you are committing to coming on MyBAR on the link below.  We limit the number of people per workshop.