All Campus Lactation Rooms

Here is a list of all Lactation Rooms available on campus.

Each lactation station provides a comfortable chair, access to electricity and a table near or attached to a chair that will support a lactation pump. Please note, that individuals expressing milk are expected to make their own arrangements for refrigeration, including sealed containers and proper storage.

For more information on our lactation accommodations please visit our website at:


  1. Building 46, Student Health and Wellness Center (8AM - 5PM)
    (909) 869-4000
    One station available
    ***Please call the Urgent Care Department at 909-869-2740 to speak with a nurse to arrange a time to come to the health center and be oriented to the procedure for using the room.

  2. Building 95, Women's Resource Center (8AM - 5PM)
    (909) 869-3112
    Two stations available

  3. Building 66 (Bookstore), Counseling Services (8AM - 5PM)
    (909) 869-3220
    One station available

  4. Building 98 (CLA), Office of Equity, Inclusion & Compliance (8AM - 10PM)
    (909) 869-4646 | Call for appointment
    One station available

  5. Building 79, Collins College (8AM - 5PM)
    (909) 869-2275 | Call for appointment
    One station available