Our Services

The Women's Resource Center provides programs, workshops, referrals, group support and opportunities for personal and academic growth. The WRC creates an environment where womxn-identified individuals can flourish while advocating for a greater understanding of the impact of gender in our institution and in our society


We have five main focuses to our services, which include: 



Our center aims to provide opportunities for students to meet new people and make new friends. Creating a community of support through positive one on one interactions, intentional mentoring programs, and volunteer opportunities is one of our top priorities! 



The Women's Resource Center creates a community of support by having space that encourages the exchange of advice, connects students to needed resources, and provides staff to just listen. Our peer circles encourage our community of support, along with one on one advising from our full time coordinator, and our self-care happy hours. 



Our physical space provides our community with access to a range of resources. These include: a gender inclusive restroom, a lounge for hanging out and studying, a computer lab, free tampons, pads, and condoms, a fridge, a microwave, and a lactation space. These are open to all students to utilize while our center is open. 


Identity Development

We provide programs and conversations that encourage the development of the womxn identity. Catch us during our Womxn's Leadership Institute discussing the socialization of womxn identities or tune in to some of our favorite podcasts in the center that talk about intersecting identities.



We hope to raise the consciousness of our Cal Poly Pomona community through education opportunities. We host Womxn Wednesday Workshops once per month that take a topic or issue in society and frame it through the lens of being a womxn.