Programs & Events

The Women's Resource Center offers programming to the Cal Poly Pomona community on womxn's issues and womxn's empowerment.


The WRC honors, celebrates, and educates the campus on womxn's, gender, issues by providing various programs throughout the year. Some of the Signature events include:

Womxn Wednesday Workshops - On-going throughout the year, these once per month workshops provide the community with a brave space to learn about a particular topic or issue through the lens of being a womxn. Previous workshops have included Body Love & Eating Disorder, Womxn's Entrepreneurship, and Womxn and Mental Health to name a few! 

Peer Circles- Join one of our peers circles. Circles are lead by either WRC staff or staff on campus that identify with the group. Exchange advice, provide and be provided with support and encouragement, and learn how to navigate and be successful on campus from people with the same identity as you! 

 Grrrls Nights - A bi-monthly discussion group for any student who identifies as a womxn. We use an inclusive definition of 'Womxn" where trans womxn, genderqueer womxn, and non-binary people are welcome. This is meant to be a brave space for womxn to connect, raise consciousness, discuss current events, learn, heal, and do self-care work and activities.

 Self-Care Happy Hours- Tmake some time for yourself! Over a third of CPP Students said that stress affected their academic performance in 2016.  The Women’s Resource Center is here to help with different free self-care activities that focus on your physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal, and professional well being.


Upcoming Events



Womxn’s Herstory Month Keynote: MILCK

Wednesday March 28th, 2018

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

University Theatre

Building 24

Women’s Resource Center & Asian Pacific Islander Student Center

Join the Women’s Resource Center for our last event celebrating Womxn’s Herstory Month! Connie Lim AKA MILCK wrote the song “Quiet” in response to her own experiences with abuse—now this recording artist and activist empowers others to overcome their adversities and rise up against negativity and oppression.  Come listen, learn, and celebrate the power of womxn with us!