3rd Creative Activities and Research Symposium

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Welcome to the 3rd Creative Activities and Research Symposium!

Hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research

Cal Poly Pomona's Creative Activities and Research Symposium (CPP CARS) is a celebration of student investigation, exploration, and inquiry completed by Cal Poly Pomona students and regional partners. Students can present the work they completed during the academic year and summer while they were a student at CPP. This can be in the form of an oral, poster, or performance presentation. This year we are partnering with the Student Innovation Idea Lab and the University Library to bring this celebration of our Research Community to life. We are also partnering with both Citrus Community College and Cypress Community College, whose students are working in Cal Poly Pomona Faculty labs this summer. 

The Creative Activities & Research Symposium counts towards one of the requirements for the Research Distinction. Students who submit a complete application and are awarded the Research Distinction will receive a certificate and a Graduation Pin.

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