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Data & Reports

The data and reports presented here are meant to help faculty members and administrators understand how many students are conducting undergraduate research at Cal Poly Pomona and how undergraduate research impacts student persistence and graduation. Some data and reports are also included to help faculty members and administrators who are writing grant applications to support undergraduate research. If there are additional data and reports you would like for us to include on this page, please let us know at OUR-CPP.


Profile of undergraduate students participating in Office of Undergraduate Research sponsored events, for the 2013-14 Academic Year.

Demographics of students participating in OUR sponsored activities and the Student Research Conference (SRC) is similar to that of overall student population at CPP.  Approximately 600 students participated in OUR sponsored activities and 190 students presented research at the SRC.



College representation of students who participated in OUR sponsored activities or presented in the SRC during the 2013-14 Academic Year. These are compared to the general CPP population and faculty reported* percentage of undergraduate student researchers by college.


 * Faculty Report:  faculty members from across campus reported on the number of undergraduate students who are conducting research. Results from a faculty survey from the Office of Research, conducted in February 2014 (with 148 faculty respondents.)



General Cal Poly Pomona Student Data

Updated general enrollment and demographic data for the university and by college is available on the “Just the Facts” page on the Institutional Research and Academic Resources (IRAR) webpage:


Summaries of some the data on the Just the Facts page are presented below:


Undergraduate Enrollment by College, Fall 2013 (Total Enrollment = 20,943)



Overall enrollment by ethnicity (Total enrollment = 22,501)



Detailed student persistence and graduation data are available on the Bronco Interactive Dashboard ( 


Cal Poly Pomona, 5- and 6-Year Graduation Rates by Demographic Group

(For first-time freshmen who entered Cal Poly Pomona in Fall 2007.)



College Specific Data and Reports:


Business Administration

CEIS (Education & Integrative Studies)

CLASS (Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences)



Environmental Design