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Achieve Scholars Program

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The Achieve Scholars Program is a STEM discipline related program designed to help students in the areas of research readiness, mentorship, and academic success through the help of dedicated faculty advising and peer mentoring. As an Achieve Scholar, you will be paid a bi-annual stipend after the completion of the Achieve Scholar Courses. Juniors and Continuing Seniors students will be trained and have the opportunity to be peer mentors for other undergraduate students. We highly recommend all students that are interested in applying. 

Benefits of becoming an Achieve Scholar include:

  • Participants will receive a $1,000 dollar stipend divided throughout the academic year.
  • Dedicated faculty advising, graduate school, and career workshops.
  • Participation as a peer mentor where you will help guide other students interested in research.
  • Research supplies support.
  • Assistance with graduate school and fellowship applications.
  • Enrollment in the Early Career Research Training courses for the Freshman and Sophomore scholars.
  • Learn how to do research and use campus resources.

For more information, please contact Program Coordinator Everardo Barraza at or Elisa Mitchell at