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OUR Conference Presentation Scholarship

The Conference Presentation Scholarship recognizes students whose research has been accepted for a conference presentation.

Regional Conference or Student Conference: $300

National Professional Conference: $600

International Professional Conference: $800

To access the scholarship application, review the eligibility requirements, and application and process, please use the left navigation menu. There is a FAQ page with answers to commons questions asked about the Conference Presentation Scholarship.

There is no deadline for applications. Applications are reviewed on the 2nd Friday of each month. Applications submitted after the 2nd Friday will be reviewed the following month. Since priority is given to students who have not yet presented their research, we encourage you to apply as soon as you receive notification of your conference abstract acceptance. Award notifications will be sent by the end of the month.

Conference Presentation Scholarship Monthly Review
Schedule 2018-19 AY

Application Monthly
Review Deadline
Faculty Mentor
Evaluation Deadline
Award Decision
December 14th December 15th December 21st
January 18th January 21st January 31st
February 8th February 11th February 28th
March 8th March 11th March 29th
April 12th April 15th April 30th
May 10th May 13th May 31st
June 14th June 17th June 28th
If you need further assistance or would like to know more about the Conference Presentation Scholarship, please contact us at (909) 869-5296 or send us an email at .