Engineering Scholars Program

Priority Registration Form

Description: This form is used to list your tentative schedule of classes for the following semester. Please fill out all the highlighted areas, and include the semester you are requesting priority for. Please rename the file "FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_PriorityRegistration.xls" to include your First Name and Last Name i.e John_Smith_PriorityRegistration.xls.

Form Instructions: Download, Complete and Email | Due: Beginning of every semester

Download Priority Registration Form

(Email form to

Proof of Event Attendance

Description: As a part of your ESP Participation, you are required to attend 4 events & take part in peer mentoring twice in the semester. Please view your orientation handout for a list of the events.

Form Instructions: Online Form | Due: Within 24 hours of attending an event

Submit Proof of Event Attendance

Travel Funding Request Form

Description: This form is used to reimburse purchases for items that are included in the guidelines (attached with the form). Please make sure to review the guidelines. Books and certain software are not accepted as supplies.

Form Instructions: Download, Complete and Drop-Off | Due: When purchasing research supplies for faculty-mentored research project

Travel Funding Request Form

(Submit physical form to Building 9, 258)