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Research Distinction

Be recognized for your engagement in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities!

The Research Distinction Application is open throughout the year*.

The Research Distinction, awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Research, recognizes students who have exhibited exceptional commitment to the research, scholarship, and creative activities communities and have embraced the "Learning-by-Doing" culture at Cal Poly Pomona. Students who fulfill all the requirements for the Research Distinction are awarded a certificate of recognition and a Graduation Pin.


To qualify for the distinction, students must:

  1. conduct research, scholarship, or creative activities with a faculty mentor
  2. present findings or results in an academic or professional conference
  3. publish completed findings or results in a discipline-appropriate format (such as a full paper in a journal)

Awarding the Distinction

On successful completion of the 3 requirements listed above, students will receive the Research Distinction. The Research Distinction is awarded at the Annual Scholar Recognition.

*If you apply for the Research Distinction in Summer, or Fall, please make sure to contact the office and follow up with your applciation.

Please email the Office of Undergraduate Research at our-cpp@cpp.edu if you have any questions.